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It’s Twitter Contest Time!

Let's set the scene

Your dog’s head snaps to attention. His ears perk up, and his soft eyes rest beneath a furrowed puppy brow. Licking his chops, he slowly walks towards you with hunched shoulders, as if he’s trying not to be noticed. But you know the game—your pup wants a snack.

Anyone who’s ever had a dog knows about the tried and true “treat face” you see when your pup needs a nibble. And after cooking up our own batch of dog treats and witnessing this patented look ourselves, we decided to commission pictures of the very best treat faces around for a chance to win a Fat Daddio’s Alphabet Cutter set. That way, you could make some primo dog treats for your pup and spell out “good boy” while you say it.

How do you enter the contest? It’s simple.

  • Take a picture of your pup’s best treat face
  • Post it to Twitter with the hashtag #TreatFaceFSW and follow us @FoodieWarehouse.

And that’s it! Post your entry by July 13th to be eligible to win!

Good luck, and may the treat faces be strong!